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  • Sale! Jober Dana

    Barley Flour | যবের দানা | 700 gm

    ৳ 300.00 ৳ 250.00

    We sell Barley Flour (যবের দানা) from our shopping store at a low price in Bangladesh. This flour is very helpful for the diabetic and blood pressure patient. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable low price in Bangladesh.

    পণ্যের বিবারণ

    Nameভাজা যবের দানা
    Weight700 গ্রাম
    PriceBD250.00 টাকা + (পরিবহন খরচ: 60 টাকা)
    Call or SMS:01768442200
  • Sale! extra virgin olive oilBest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 1 Ltr

    ৳ 1,200.00 ৳ 1,150.00

    We are selling Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking from our shop in Bangladesh at a low price. The brand name is Olitalia from Spain.

    Product Feature

    NameExtra Virgin Olive Oil
    BrandLa Española
    Weight1 Ltr
    QualityPremium Product and 100% Halal
    ProduceMade and packed in Spain
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Shop

    Edible Himalayan Pink Salt | হিমালয়ান লবণ | 1 kg

    We sell Original Edible Himalayan Pink Salt in a rock form. It is an organic mineral salt. We could buy at the best price in Bangladesh.

    Product Feature

    Product NameHimalayan Pink Salt | হিমালয়ান লবণ
    ColorPink + White
    Import FromPakistan
    Delivery Charge
    • TK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK120.00 (Outside Dhaka)
    Pls, Read
    • This is not a BSTI approved product. We only sell raw format chunk of pink color.  It is fresh and edible.
    • এটি কোনও বিএসটিআই অনুমোদিত পণ্য নয়। আমাদের লবণের রং গোলাপী এবং খাবার উপযোগী অর্থাৎ পরিস্কার। আমরা আপনাকে ২ থেকে ৩টি পাথরের চাক সরবরাহ করব।
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  • Sale! Kurti Kalai Dal

    Kurti Kalai Dal | কুর্তি কালাই ডাল | 350 gm

    ৳ 350.00 ৳ 300.00

    Kurti Kalai Dal (কুর্তি কালাই ডাল) another popular name is Horse Gram. Our online shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh. It can be used for kidney stone treatment.

    Popular NameKurti Kalai Dal / Horse Gram
    Scientific NameMacrotyloma uniflorum
    Weight350 gm
  • Sale!

    Organic Pure Honey | 1 KG

    ৳ 2,200.00 ৳ 2,000.00

    Organic Pure Honey has a high demand in Bangladesh and abroad. Our shop sells branded honey from the beehive at a low price. It has imported from Australia.

    Product Description

    Product NamePure Honey
    BrandAllah Ahafi
    Produce ByAustralia
    Weight1000 gm
  • Sale!

    Pine Nuts | চিলগোজা বাদাম | 100 gm

    ৳ 1,300.00 ৳ 1,200.00

    Pine Nuts (চিলগোজা বাদাম)  or Chilgoza is a nut which has nutritional value and health benefits. You could buy at the best price from our online shop in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    Product NamePine Nuts (চিলগোজা বাদাম)
    Origine CountryIndia
    Net Weight100 gm
    Delivery Charge
    • Free shipment (Online Card Payment)
    • TK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK120.00 (Outside Dhaka)
  • Sale! Sahi Dana | Halim Seeds

    Sahi Dana | শাহীদানা | 500 gm

    ৳ 210.00 ৳ 200.00

    Sahi Dana or Shahi Dana another name is Halim Dana. It is good for health. Our shop sell it at the best price in Bangladesh.
    Product Feature

    NameOrganic Sahi Dana Seeds
    BrandLocally Collected
    Weight500 gm
    Quality100% Pure
  • Sale! shan himalayan pink saltshan himalayan pink salt

    Shan Himalayan Pink Salt | 400g

    ৳ 950.00 ৳ 900.00

    Shan Himalayan Pink Salt is totally edible and virgin. It is good for weight loss and diabetics. We sell salt all over Bangladesh at a low price.

    Product Feature

    Product NameHimalayan Virgin Pink Salt | হিমালয়ান লবণ
    Import FromPakistan (Shan Foods(Private) Ltd.)
     PriceBDT 900.00
    Delivery ChargeTK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK120.00 (Outside Dhaka)
    Expiry DateNov 2021
    Call or Contact01768442200
  • Sale! Walnuts Akhrot Picture | আখরোট

    Walnuts Akhrot | আখরোট | 500 gm

    ৳ 1,100.00 ৳ 900.00

    Walnuts Akhrot (আখরোট) is a nut which has high nutritional value and health benefits. We sell organic untoasted Walnut at a low price in Bangladesh.

    Product Description

    Product NameOriginal Organic Walnuts Akhrot ( without Shell)
    Origine CountryKasmir, India
    Net Weight500 gm
    Delivery Charge
    • Free shipment (Online Card Payment)
    • TK60.00 (Dhaka Metro)/ TK120.00 (Outside Dhaka)

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